ZOOB 500-Piece Basic Set

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Five pieces snap, click, and pop together 20 different ways to create hundreds of fun creations. Unlimited, open-ended building allows imaginations to soar.

Technical Details

- 500 Colorful ZOOB Pieces, Expandable & Compatible with All Other Infinitoy ZOOB sets
- 9 Instruction Guides, for Basic Connections & 30 Creations, plus Weaves & Geometrics
- Create "Mega Bite", "Purses" or More with this Ultimate Set!
- Large Plastic Case Features a Play Surface Lid with 4 Play Pads, plus Handle, Clasps and Wheels for Roll-away Storage!
- Recommended Age Range 6 to 10 Years
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Customer Buzz
 "Hit of the party" 2008-10-09
By M. todd
Got this for my grandson's birthday. Everyone,even the adults, played with this and nothing else.

Customer Buzz
 "Great find" 2008-08-15
By T. Simpson (Sacramento, CA United States)
My 5 year old has had this for about a year now and he still finds ways to amaze me with it. We love this toy. I can see him building more and more complex things as he gets older. A great gift.

Customer Buzz
 "We Love Zoob Links!!!" 2008-08-04
By Beth Toenes (Buford Georgia)
My son Dan sustained a head injury 14 years ago. Following 2 years of therapy, his Dad and I spent hundreds of dollars trying to find something that would keep his now limited attention span and yet be somewhat creative. One Christmas several years ago. I happened upon Zoobs and purchased these for him. What a great item!! He puts them together however he wants to and then shows off his finished product..we are so proud of everything he does. I can now only find Zoobs' with Amazon and we are so thankful. Beth Toenes

Customer Buzz
 "Great fun for big and little builders alike" 2008-01-02
By 3 boys mama (Pittsburgh, PA)
We bought the 500 zoob for Christmas this year. My boys were introduced to this at my brother's house. What I find really great about it is if your kids love legos but you still have small children around and don't want the chocking hazard zoob is perfect for you. We have ALL played with it, my husband and myself included. Great toy...seriously great.

One and only setback that we have had is we bought the 500 zoob and the case connector broke. I am now going to try and see what we can do about it. This is a non-issue with the smaller amounts since the boxes that hold them are different. This is the only reason I put 4 stars for the durability. It is not a reflection on the actual toy.

Customer Buzz
 "Zoob 500 is a Great Gift!" 2007-12-28
I received this gift for Christmas and have had loads of fun builing the different items listed in the instructions. I've had these in the past and a few have broken so store them away so no one can step on them and be careful when snapping or unsnapping them. Now that I'm older (I'm 11) I care for them and play with them more carefully. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that likes to build things!

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